Representation in India

India over last few years have shown tremendous growth, in almost every sphere of economic growth. There has been a rush of foreign companies to be part of this growth story.

We provide Representative services to such foreign companies and individuals who would like to have a representative in India to represent their product and services here.


We also offer, full service in case if such companies would like to market their product and services here. However, in our experience most companies prefer to have a representative to address their inquires locally.


Our experienced teams would help Represent your company in India true spirit and and would like to keep such arrangements confidential.


We also would be able to represent you setup from legal perspective in case should want to us to represent in front of a regulatory body.

46 ventures would help you address all your India Related Issues and get started quickly with business here in India.

In case if you need more details of the service, or tell us about your requirements, our teams would be able to evaluate & comeback to you quickly, with solutions.

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