We are a business consulting firm,  with extensive experience in Banking, Regulations, and Compliance.   We are a group of seasoned corporate services professionals and business leaders with experience in innovation, Strategy, and Research in various fintech domains.  We have deep expertise in Indian markets and the fintech ecosystem which ensures that the solutions we deliver are appropriate, practical, and cost-effective. We have used the lessons we learned during our previous roles to create the best-in-class service-delivery model.

46Ventures is a Mumbai based firm that serves global startups and businesses across three lines:

  • Business Representation

  • Consulting

  • Research


46Ventures is backed by a strong team of consultants, with extensive and diverse careers financial, regulatory, public policy and compliance domains in India, and is supported by a powerful global network of partnerships and alliances, helping business to unlock their true potential with the Indian subcontinent, expand in the region, and address the most complex challenges and opportunities with clarity and confidence.

We provide business consulting transforming organizations, enabling them to develop sustainable competencies that meet the competitive challenges of the target markets.


The current pandemic is making a paradigm shift in the globally as India is poised to emerge as a global hub for manufacturing and business.​ With persistent economic growth, a large young population, and stable democratic governance, India is fast becoming a major market and production center for a whole array of industrial and consumer products. Businesses eyeing Indian markets face various issues, ranging from understanding differing business practices, taxation, regulatory clearances, etc. ​ We can help such startups and businesses innovate, create value, grow, and leverage strong alliances.

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